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GLCx Momentum 2021

33 Presentations 6 Sections

At Entrepreneurs’ Organization, we enable transformational growth in the lives of our members. Naturally, the ways entrepreneurs define and measure growth are as diverse as the businesses they found.

For some, success means a quantifiable increase in business performance. For others, it may be personal growth. No matter your definition, one thing is certain—when you pair energy and connection, you can cultivate the momentum you need to reach your full potential.

GLCx Momentum 2021 is the catalyst you need to build momentum and grow beyond your personal limits.

World-class motivators will set new ideas in motion, giving you the spark you need for the year ahead. Life-enhancing connections with other entrepreneurs will help you grow in life and in business. Take a new step towards unlocking your potential.

GLCx 2021—This is your place. This is your time. This is your year for momentum.

Energy + Connection + Growth = Momentum


One spark is all it takes to propel you into motion—to accelerate your pace for the race you’re running. Unleash your energy and unlock your potential. What new possibilities can you ignite to create unstoppable momentum in your life and business?
Learn from thought leaders and business experts on what it takes to spark and sustain energy to play the long game.


If you want to run fast, go alone. If you want to run far, go together. Real connection is the life-force that keeps us in motion, infusing us strength for the road ahead. Peer-to-peer learning powered by like-minded leaders will help you find your optimal pace for the long run. Are you ready to let the power of community help you achieve your goals?
Prepare for the hand-off of hard-won insights from your peers and seasoned practitioners and experience how real connection accelerates your speed.


A year from now, who do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish in life and business? The possibilities are endless―and achievable―with the right kind of growth plan. GLC will help you discover new ways to grow and reach your peak performance.
What type of growth do you need to experience now to carry you forward in life and business?