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On the Road with EO

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For the past 30 years, EO members have explored awe-inspiring corners of the world together. From royal feasting on the grounds of Chowmahalla Palace in Hyderabad, India to watching the sunrise over the majestic sprawl of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, being a part of EO has always offered adventure and experience. Though these travels have paused as much of the world stays homebound in 2020, we can still experience exciting new destinations together.
On 17 November, begin a new journey with us through On the Road with EO. During this month-long interactive virtual road trip around the globe, you’ll journey with us to three vibrant countries from the comfort of your home. We’ll interactively explore each incredible destination through cooking classes, language lessons, wildlife explorations, cultural highlights, and business showcases. With On the Road with EO, you’ll have the opportunity to discover these exciting new destinations with your peers.
  • Our first stop is Spain. We’ll get lost in a Gaudi art piece, learn to dance flamenco, and cook authentic paella with a private chef. Our business highlight is an opportunity to meet with members from EO Spain where we’ll sit in on a panel discussion on conducting business in Spain.
  • Next, we’ll travel right into the hustle and bustle of Brazil’s liveliest streets. There, we’ll explore the delicious flavors of the country with a Brazilian chef, dance to the melodies of Rio de Janeiro’s famous Bossa Nova, and learn more about the locals’ love of sports. We’ll end our visit with a meet-and-greet with EO Brazil members.
  • Finally, take a close-up look at some of Africa’s most majestic animals during a virtual safari in Kenya! There, you’ll learn about conservation efforts from local experts, Kenyan cuisine from celebrated Chef Kabui, and the thrill of traditional storytelling from Wangari the Storyteller.