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Nano Learning - Making Meaningful and Nurturing Relationships • Raise Confident Kids

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Making Meaningful and Nurturing Relationships

Raise Confident Kids

This course is designed for parents who believe that confidence is pivotal in a child's life. Well-meaning adults work hard to curate the best experiences for children. The primary goal of this course is to motivate children to lean in and give these opportunities a shot, regardless of their starting point or the final outcome.

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Namita Prasad

Namita Prasad is a Confidence Educator, evolving mother, and entrepreneur. She wasn’t born with confidence; it was a mindset that she developed. When times were tough, or she was at a crossroads she had to rely on the “why not” approach that her father had instilled in her as a child. It was this attitude that helped her overcome the many trials and tribulations of her personal and professional life. Possessing A Confident Mindset™ (ACM) has played a pivotal role and changed the trajectory of her life. Realizing the impact of this led her to what has now become her calling in life, confidence education. She is the author of, “The Power of Why Not”, A Practical Guide to Raising Confident Children that are Happy, Kind and Successful. Namita has dedicated her life since 2015 to instill confidence in women, children, and families.

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