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Empowered Work-Life Harmony: Maximizing Personal and Business Success

In this series based on Janine Zappini’s book, "Empowered Parents Unlocked," you will learn to harness essential tools for work and family success, self-empowerment, happines, fulfillment, and more!

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Janine Zappini

Janine is an award-winning entrepreneur and the visionary behind a revolutionary approach to personal and professional development that is transforming the way people operate. Through her innovative methods, she challenges the conventional notions of growth, working from the inside out to empower parents like you to elevate your life, starting with your mindset.

Janine's distinctive approach combines personal and business development with lifestyle coaching and professional training, creating a thoughtfully curated process that not only supports your goals but also instills confidence and self-assurance in your journey as an empowered parent.

Having impacted the lives of thousands globally through her training workshops, online courses and business programs, Janine draws from her own profound journey of self-discovery as well as her extensive experience as a sought-after global business trainer, educator, single mom and coach.

Her passion and dedication lies in empowering and transforming people's lives through knowledge, as her unique approach represents the future of personal and professional growth. In this book, addressed specifically to parents, Janine shares her wisdom to help you build a solid foundation for your life, granting you the license to thrive as an empowered parent.

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