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Becoming a Game-Changing Leader

The Board Operating System

As an EOer, have you ever led a committee or a chapter board? Have you felt at a loss about how to run your board meetings, what tools to use to organise your board? Have you felt let down when members fail to be accountable?

Andreas has developed a board operating system, a set of actionable tools and processes, to help make running a board - whether it is a chapter board - or any other EO committee - a smooth ride.

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Andreas Constantinou

As an entrepreneur, he founded SlashData and grew it into the leading developer analyst firm, helping the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook understand developers through data.

As a servant leader, he has held 4 leadership positions in Entrepreneurs Organisation Greece, incl. chapter president, chair of EO Unlimited Santorini (the largest European event), and founded the local Accelerator chapter for early stage entrepreneurs.

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