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Nano Learning - Revitalizing Your Well-Being & Success • Going Strong Or Burning Out?

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Revitalizing Your Well-Being & Success

Going Strong Or Burning Out?

The aim of this series is to recognize the signs of burnout and learn tools to prevent it while optimizing your productivity, creativity, and well-being.

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Oksana Esberard

Oksana bridges the gap between stress and productivity, burnout and well-being. Both small entrepreneurial organizations and leading-edge entities like Microsoft, BuzzFeed, and Princeton University, have engaged Oksana to help business professionals re-imagine the workplace as an energetic source of well-being.

No stranger to life curveballs, Oksana’s personal journey spans a challenging childhood in the USSR and solo immigration to the US, where her pursuit of the American dream resulted in massive burnout and depression. Ultimately, a transformational experience in the Indian Himalayas led her to found SattvaMe, a mental wellness training organization. Oksana shares her inspiring story in her bestselling book, Next Level You.

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