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Becoming a Game-Changing Leader

Leading from Essence

An approach to leadership that stems from the conviction that we all have an essence, that is, a natural way of being in the world that adds value and is effortless.

The aim is to find a form that is congruent with our essence, and it’s the best way to create a life we love while doing powerful work. The kind of leader we are is a possible form. What kind of leader can you become?

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Peter Kovacs

Peter is an Executive Coach, helping high performers, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and C-level executives to raise the game for their companies, careers, and impact. His clients include Amazon, NVIDIA, and Bain & Co.

Born in Hungary and raised in Algeria and Canada, Peter learned how to build bridges between people and cultures and aims to make the world a better place for all.

He founded 4 startups and made a successful exit from his last venture, V12 Software. He also mentors at Singularity University, Techstars, and the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center.

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