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Future-proofing your Business and Brand


As we endure the greatest transformation of our time, continuously questioning every aspect of life, we need to cultivate deliberate focal points to fundamentally shift our people and organisations. John Sanei introduces you to researched insights that will help you reveal, rethink and re-imagine your possible futures and develop courage to move towards a life free from obscurity.

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John Sanei

Driven by the real world, by humanity and ‘the now’, as a Futures Strategist, John Sanei makes sense of the challenging world of the future and merge it in a way that gives an audience the clarity to forge forward with confidence. As a specialist on future trends, he has travelled virtually, locally and internationally as a keynote speaker and presenter of masterclasses, making meaningful connections, aligning audiences with global patterns and unlocking opportunities that are collaborative rather than competitive.

John's keynote talks have received global recognition and he is honoured to be Africa’s first Singularity University in San Francisco faculty member, a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education in Johannesburg, as well as an Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute of Futures Studies in Denmark.

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