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Area Director (Chapter Officer Training)

The Area Director course prepares you to embark on your new journey towards being a leader among leaders. This course is designed to provide you with expectations of the role and useful tips for a multitude of tasks that you will be responsible for.
In this course, you’ll discover:

  • Introduction – The power of influence and support you will have on multiple EO chapters
  • What is an Area Director – Knowing your role, understanding the impact you’ll have on others, and embracing every aspect of the important work you will do
  • Working with Presidents – The significance of coaching chapter presidents and applying coaching principles to guide your relationships with them
  • Area Director’s Role During Strategy Summits – Expectations for the support you will provide chapter presidents in preparing for their Strategy Summits
  • Preparing For and Running Meetings – Practical tips to guide you in preparing for and running effective meetings
  • What’s Next – The five important next steps to take as you set off on your Area Director journey