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Leaders Rising

Leaders Rising is an online series brought to you by EO’s Leadership Committee. This micro-course is about raising your leadership in times of uncertainty and crisis. This course is accessible on-demand with EO’s Learning Management System.

This micro-course consists of four modules presented by expert speakers. Each module consists of a description, short video, and worksheet. Each module takes between 10-20 minutes to complete.

How to use this course: Dive into the course at a time that makes sense for you. You can access the LMS platform through your phone, tablet or laptop. Some learners like to block out 15-20 minutes each day to complete a module.

You might also find it beneficial to work on the course with a fellow EO member, your Forum, or other communities you’ve established within EO. The worksheets are great tools to form small group discussions on the content covered in the modules.

Audience: All EO members